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Interview and Assessment Preparation

Schools are constantly drumming home to parents that they do not want to see over coached children turning up to their assessment days. Part of our service is to explain to parents and children what these pre-test and assessments entail and what preparation is considered sensible. 


We believe in alleviating this anxiety and instilling confidence into children prior to these assessments and our preparation sessions aim to enhance their overall interpersonal skills so that they stand out and shine on the day. It has to be the right fit and a school can only make this informed decision if they see the real child shine through. 

Assessment Preparation for

Prep School Children

in Years 6 - 8 (Age 10 - 12) 

For this all important age group children need to learn how to communicate effectively on a daily basis as well as improve their interview technique in preparation for their assessments in advance of their senior school entry at 11+ and 13+.

We focus on the importance of an unbeatable first impression and how image, body language, strengths & weaknesses and general hobbies and interests can enhance this lasting impression. 


We aim to perfect their technique and increase their confidence when tackling tricky or curve ball questions as well as thinking about some relevant questions to ask on the day itself following research of their chosen senior school. The session involves a role play as well as a short but formal interview followed by feedback and parent support.

Assessment Preparation

for Teenagers

For this age group we will be focussing on "The Next Step”.


For many this is the transition to Sixth Form College or University for others it may be the workplace in advance of gap year opportunities, work experience or future internships.


Together we will understand what key personal attributes universities & future employers are really looking for and how students can demonstrate these effectively on their personal statements and face to face at interview.


We carefully consider the methods of selection currently used in a constantly changing and competitive workplace.

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