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Schooling Solutions

Selecting a school for your children can be a complicated, time consuming and costly process.  


What I hope to offer via my consultations is a true insight into the leading schools, not just on an academic but also a pastoral level. Working closely with families, alongside my in-depth research for Tatler Schools Guide, has allowed me a unique view on the current landscape within the independent education sector and my aim is to provide you with all the information you need for your top choice schools so that you can face the challenge head on and not miss any important registration and admissions deadlines so that ultimately your education journey is as smooth as possible.


Following our in-depth consultation I provide you with a detailed personalised report which includes a summary of our discussion, an overview of your target schools plus recommendations and advice going forward.

Their Best Years | Arabella Davies | Schools and Education Consultant

For further information on family consultations

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