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YEARS 6 to 8

The jump from prep school to senior school is huge and great communication and social skills are key for a smooth transition to this new environment:

Transition to Public School and Confident Beginnings

  • The importance of introductory skills

  • How to create an unbeatable first impression

  • How to enhance existing interpersonal skills

  • Includes a team based apprentice style task


Entrepreneurial Skills/Young Enterprise Challenge

  • What pupils need to do in order to demonstrate these skills on a daily basis in and outside the classroom 

  • Young Enterprise Task involving individual and group challenges

YEARS 9 to 11

These years are a key time to start career planning. Our workshops allow pupils to gain an idea on what will be expected of them in the workplace:

Essential interview technique

  • The importance of introductory skills   

  • Creating an unbeatable first impression   

  • Enhancing existing interpersonal skills

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skills

  • How to demonstrate these skills in and outside the classroom as well as thinking about ideas for future career opportunities 

  • Includes a team based apprentice style task or a Young Enterprise Challenge allowing youngsters to demonstrate creativity, leadership, team building and above all entrepreneurial skills.

Correct Social & Professional Conduct

  • What to wear at any social event

  • When to write a handwritten letter

  • Responding to invitations

  • Correct office correspondence

  • Modern manners at home and in the workplace


These range of workshop options allow students to enhance overall interpersonal skills in preparation for their future opportunities:

Enhancing your Personal Statement & Tackling a University Interview

  • Understanding what key personal attributes universities are really looking for                                               

  • How students can demonstrate these effectively on their personal statements and face to face at interview.

CV Preparation and covering letters

  • CV layout   

  • Importance of a covering letter or email

Best Interview Practice

  • How to create an unbeatable first impression at interview

What are Future Employers really looking for?

  • Leadership, Communication & Presentation are the key attributes that employers are looking for               

  • How to confidently demonstrate these at interview

Effective preparation for university interviews and graduate selection including:

  • Assessment Centres   

  • Panel Interviews  

  • Mini-multiple interviews (MMI)

Entrepreneurial Skills/Young Enterprise Workshop

  • A team based apprentice style task allowing students to demonstrate key entrepreneurial skills

For more information on school led workshops during term time or home led workshops during the holidays please contact:

'Their Best Years' offers a wide range of workshop topics to help your child prepare for their future.

Our motivational and inspirational group workshops prepare children and young adults for their next all important step in life. This could be their transition to senior school or university as well as the leap to graduate appointments and future career opportunities.

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